Cyclophilia, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 2022

Group Exhibition

Artworks exhibited:
Quiet Rhythmic Rush
Bicycle, turntable, cardboard, wires, light sensors, LED lights, electronic circuits, amplifier, speakers, theremin, guitar pedal, contact microphones mixer, 2022.

“Quiet Rhythmic Rush” is a work that revolves around a simple bicycle and explores the concepts of chain reaction and metamorphosis. The rear wheel of the bike, spinning above the turntable platter, generates a percussive sound from a piece of cardboard that bangs between the spokes of the wheel and is amplified by a contact microphone. The pedals also rotate, and passing close to the magnetic field generated by the antenna of the electronic instrument ‘Theremin’ positioned in front of them, trigger synthesised sounds from the instrument itself; while the two flashing lights, front and rear, positioned in front of photoresist sensors, trigger electrical impulses converted by an Arduino circuit into digital percussive rhythms.
All sounds are then processed, through a small mixer and a guitar effects pedal, to expand their presence and amalgamate their essence, and the combination of all these state mutations gives rise to an infinite cycle of movements and sounds, creating a unique symphonic circular repetition.

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