A bamboo chair adorned with black fridge coils, incorporating speakers and an intricate network of cables connected to them, meticulously designed for a mute sound experience.

Simulacrum of Silence

2023, bamboo chair, fridge condenser coils, solder, speakers, nuts, bolts, audio cables, acrylic paint, wood stain, cable ties, steel rods, washers, 126x64x70 cm

Simulacrum of Silence, adorned with silent speakers, invites us to dwell in the interstice between potential and realization, encouraging us to find beauty in the unfinished and draw inspiration from the unspoken.

The silence of the speakers, shrouding the space in calmness, becomes an embodiment of the theme itself, an exploration of absence and presence, of sound and its vacancy, and yet, within this stillness, the throne emanates a potent strength and radiance.

The deliberate disconnection of the speakers embodies the notion of power withheld, where the potential for sound remains untapped, creating an aura of muted melodies.

The mysterious vibe of Simulacrum of Silence finds its zenith in the throne’s dormant potential, and the absence of audible resonance heightens the presence of a vibrational spectacle.
The fridge coil grids, far from silent, become the unexpected performers in this grand orchestration.
As images filtered in their metallic embrace tremble and dance, a dynamic play of light and shadow unfolds, offering an ethereal visual experience that transcends the limits of sound and silence.