Tesla Remixed, solo Exhibition at The Flat – Massimo Carasi


The work of Leonardo Ulian (b. Gorizia 1974, lives and works in London) originates in the dismantling and observation of patterns
and circuits found in electronic devices.

In his approach, there is an affinity with the work of an anatomist who researches the mechanisms of life or that of the childlike curiosity
of those who break into the bodies of objects in order to examine the internal components for the mere pleasure of the discovery.

With his great knowledge of electronics and ability to explain the functioning of chips and transistors perfectly, Ulian uses these elements
to weave a web of connections that resemble Tibetan mandalas or a golden store of precious fractal forms.

Mathematics, science and spirituality thus form the basis of his research.

The essential binder that connects or relates these circuits consists of tin solder, which binds the parts and radiates energy throughout the whole.

Energy, in all of its forms, is a dominant theme of our time, and in his Italian d├ębut, Ulian pays tribute to the legendary figure of Nikola Tesla,
the scientist and inventor who first realized the potential of a wireless transmission of electricity, which would make free energy accessible to the entire world.