Discover Himalayas, IFS Centre in Chengdu, China, 2019

Group Exhibition

Artworks exhibited:
Technological Mandala 140 – Matter Spirit
Technological Mandala 123 – Polaris

The installation ‘Technological Mandala 140 – Matter Spirit’, positioned at the end of the exhibition route of the exhibition, constitutes a passage that accompanies the visitor from the ‘darkness’ of the space travelled so far, ‘to the illumination’ of the final part of the exhibition.
The central geometry of the work, formed by two squares of steel rods placed at forty-five degrees, contains a network of electronic components and an Eprom memory chip positioned in the centre. The work unfolds in height and width, forming a network of brass wires connected to Tibetan prayer books, radio equipment, loudspeakers, coloured and mirrored Plexiglas elements and small rocks collected in the territory of Tibet.

‘I see the rigid geometric structures I design as tools capable of producing impalpable entities that, ideally, can exist outside the grid itself, or realities that, as in physics, are only visible at microscopic levels of matter. I am intrigued by the dichotomy created between the spiritual and archetypal realm of the ancient mandalas and the modern technological world and the potential questions that may arise from this encounter/clash’.

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