A sense of Things, Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK, 2014

Group Exhibition

Technological mandala 42 – Random relay
Electronic components, copper wire, amplify, AM radios, electric wire, speakers, pedal effect, adaptors. Technological mandala 42 size, 2013, 120 x 120cm, installation size: variable

The artwork ‘Technological Mandala 42 – Random Relay’, presented for the group exhibition ‘The sense of things’ at the Zabludowicz Collection in London, consists of a mandalic figure made of copper wires and electronic components, suspended from the ceiling by steel wires and connected to an amplified system of AM radios then connected to two loudspeakers positioned on the floor.
The three AM radios, suitably modified, establish a receiving-transmitting-intermediating relationship with each other, and function as devices capable of generating and radiating, through the mandala structure, an invisible field of radio waves in the vicinity of the space adjacent to the work.
The interference, caused by human presence in the field of the radio waves thus generated, causes changes in the state of the field itself, which, recaptured by the central mandala, generates an audible sound signal.
The invisible field of radio waves around the work varies depending on the distance of the viewer from the suspended mandala, causing the strength and tone of the audible sound to change.

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